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Songs About The Music Business

Music is their business, so it was not hasty to apprehend the hosts of Sound Opinions address an absolute adventure to the music business. Jim DeRogatisi and Greg Kot, who run the account affairs for National Public Radio, discussed on a contempo appearance their admired songs about the joys and pitfalls of the almanac industry.

Greg Kot best “Nothing Is Good Enough” by Aimee Mann, “Mercury Poisoning” by Graham Parker, and “E.M.I” by the Sex Pistols as his admired tunes about the music business, while co-host Jim DeRogatisi chose “Have a Cigar” by Pink Floyd, “So You Wanna Be a Rock and Roll Star” by Patti Smith, and “Caught Can I Get a Witness” by Public Enemy. All six were aces selections, but there were abounding added they could accept mentioned.

Here are ten added accepted songs accounting about the bullwork or contentment of a career in music.

Death On Two Legs by Queen

Although it never accustomed the acclamation of “Bohemian Rhapsody” this aperture clue from A Night at the Opera has Freddie Mercury demography his best shots at base accord makers in the industry.

Geno the Manager by Hall and Oates

Unlike abounding songs about those complex in the music business, this one in actuality shows acknowledgment for the guy watching over the duo.

The Entertainer by Billy Joel

It is a arbitrary career to enter, as the Piano Man so acutely credibility out in this airy acoustic amount from Streetlife Serenade.

Paint a Vulgar Picture by the Smiths

As an artisan lies dying, Morrissey blasts the actuality that the almanac aggregation is advancing to capitalize on the tragedy by repackaging her material.

Goon Squad by Elvis Costello

The appellation accumulation in this Armed Forces clue are industry executives, who Costello warns “have appear to attending you over and they’re giving you the eye, they wish you to appear out to play but you bigger say goodbye.”

Free Man In Paris by Joni Mitchell

Reflecting on his active canicule in France, this fed up almanac exec dreams of accepting out of the hit authoritative accouterment on this individual from Court and Spark.

Don’t Call Us We’ll Call You by Sugar Loaf

Most ambitious artists were already able-bodied acquainted with this acknowledgment if the bandage fabricated it a Top Ten individual in 1974.

Keep the Customer Satisfied by Simon and Garfunkel

Here the barter are those affairs their albums, and the appellation serve as the mantra the duo keeps accepting from their almanac company.

Thank You Very Much by the Kaiser Chiefs

“It should be a adventure but it feels like a drill” Ricky Wilson sings in the choir on this clue from Retirement, an anthology with several added references to the pitfalls of success.

Daily Records by the Who

Pete Townshend on this delighftul clue from Face Dances emphasizes that he just wants to accumulate authoritative songs, as he grows more alert of the business ancillary of the music world.